Canada Still Not Regulating Sex Toys

Feb 21

Canada Still Not Regulating Sex Toys

Not so proud of my homeland right now.

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New Year’s Sex Resolutions

Dec 31

Sex Resolutions

Make your sex life pop!

There is no wrong way of having sex.  Your sex life is either conductive to your health and happiness…  or it’s not.  As we approach the end of 2010 take a few moments to think about your sexuality and sex life.

Does your sex life make you happy and healthy?

I know it’s a heavy question but we don’t often take the time to ponder these things.  Actually most people never take the time to ask themselves that question.

I often say that if you are a heterosexual male in North American culture chances are you will never be confronted about your sexuality, and you will never have to question yourself about your sex life like say women do, or gays and lesbians, or any other group with an alternative sexuality.  If you are a heterosexual male your sexuality and the way you have sex is the standard.

So this is my end of the year question / moment of introspection: “Does your sex life and sexuality make you happy and healthy?”

Ponder this tonight and for the first few days of 2011.

And then, in the upcoming year, we will explore together a bazillion ways to tweak and change little things about your sex life.  One of my mentors used to say that “if you’re always knocking on the same door, you’ll always get the same results” (he was talking specifically about masturbation…). I think that is very descriptive of how people have sex.  They find something that works well enough, that “does the job”, and never wonder if there could be MORE…

So join me in making this our new year’s resolution: “Try new things, find out if there is MORE!”

It doesn’t have to be big, just little changes here and there, tweaks, adjustments, tips and tricks, I promise nothing too intense… and we’ll see what happens…

Are you in?

Have a wonderfully sexy New Year!


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Amazing New Research About the Clitoris

Jun 15

Science finally confirms what we sex educators have been saying for a while now: there is more to the clitoris than meets the eye!

The research study involved taking pelvic sonograms to map the inner structure of the female genitals including the clitoris. What they found is that there is indeed internal clitoral tissue analogous to the shaft of the penis.

read all about here:

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Happy Sex with Maryline now on iPhone®

May 12

I know I haven’t blogged in a while but this baby is the reason why! Check out my new iPhone app!!!

Want more excitement in your life?

More pleasure, more sensations, more grrrr?Happy Sex

Better communication?

What about pure fun and laughter?

A sense of adventure?

Deeper emotional fulfillment?

Want that glowing grin on your face?

Want to share it with the one you love?

Do you want that intimate bonding experience?

That’s what I call HAPPY SEX!


Spread your toes, relax…

This is really a UNIQUE app.

Credentials : Happy Sex was created by:

Maryline, B.A. in psychology and Master

in Human Sexuality

CJ, Coach and Teacher

app store

who trained more than 12 000 people over the

last 20 years.
Happy Sex with Maryline is a 30 day sexuality coaching app. It’s like having your very own sex coach in your pocket at all times. The 30 lessons come to you in audio format. Listen as Maryline, a certified sexologist, guides you through various topics related to sex, intimacy, communication, and embodiment.

Do one lesson a day (it takes about 5 to 10 minutes) and see real changes to your intimate life; we guarantee it. Filled with exercises and homework, there is no shortage of material in here to give your sex life a vibrant upgrade.

Ask questions and get answers. There is an integrated forum section where you can send in questions and Maryline will post her answer. This forum section will grow and grow with both user generated content and additional audio material. This is the app that keeps on giving and expanding.

This app was created from scratch specifically for iPhone users with the basic principle in mind that “everybody is entitled to a happy sex life”. It contains over 3 hours of original material not available anywhere else.

Similar programs on CD sell for more than 100$.

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Healing through photography…

Jan 09

I wanted to share this site with you just because I think it is very important work.  Listen to the comments of the lady in the video and her 30 minute healing process…  She is absolutely right!  A few hours of witnessing happy, positive, healthy images about our body as sexual beings can begin to heal years of negative images and silence about our genitalia…

Watch the video and visit the website for some samples of the images (NSFW)


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