Beat the winter blues: Have Sex!

Mar 12

Beat the winter blues: Have Sex!

I know it’s the dead of winter and even though Mr weather man keeps promising warmer temperatures we are still getting the snow and the sleet and the rain… But that is no reason to leave your sex life out in the cold too.

In winter we are all a little lazier, a little less active, a little less in shape. We just want to bundle up and stay in front of the tv… and that takes a toll on our sex lives for sure.

When people complain of a declining or absence of libido they often don’t realise how little it takes to upset our sex drive. In our teens it’s not something we ever thought about, raging hormones did all the work. Now in your late 20s and early thirties and onward, anything from nutrition, alcohol intake, and level of activity, stress, preoccupations, etc etc can send your sex drive on a free fall.

But have no fear! I’m here to give you all the dirty secrets to keep your genitals on fire and keep your partner(s) warm through the rest of the winter.

First get moving! Studies show that activities like yoga are beneficial to your sex life because of increased blood oxygenation, blood flowing through yours muscles. you end up felling energized, toned, and a little stronger. all things that will be beneficial for bedroom antics.

Second, do something nice for your body. When was the last time you took the time to pamper this vehicle of raw lust and passion ;). But seriously. If you ignore your body it gets the message that it’s not important and shuts down nerve endings and sensations. Two things we really need for great sex

After some exercise and some pampering, masturbate! Nothing like it to get the hearth pumping. the juices flowing. The endorphins coursing through your brain. It’s also a great aerobic exercise. Plus regular masturbation is good for the pipework, for men, regular masturbation is linked to a reduction in prostate problems. For women, a good orgasm has plenty of beneficial effects on stress levels, heart vitality, and it’s even good for your skin which is a blessing in harsh winter weather. Also masturbating reminds your body of sex feels, which might give you that extra motivation to come on to your partner later.

Finally if worse comes to worse and you’re still not feeling it: set a sexy time and stick to it no matter what. Ok now I’m not saying to force anyone, keep it consensual always, but a little “fake it till you make it” never hurt anyone. So set a “sexy time” date, and stick to it even if you’re tired, not really in the mood, had a long day, whine whine complain complain. You might go at it half heatedly at first and that’s fine, but I can assure you that once those endorphins start kicking in and, the blood starts flowing through your veins, and your body starts moving in that familiar motion, you will forget all the silly reasons you didn’t feel like sex in the first place. Bask in the floaty happy post-sex sensation, feeling the warm of your skin, how relaxed your body feels, and maybe, just maybe, those winter blues will stay at bay for a little while longer….


  1. Your’s is the intelligent apporcah to this issue.

  2. many thanks for the advice it certainly helped

  3. Free info like this is an apple from the tree of kownledge. Sinful?

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